Start with Why

Start with Why by Simon Sinek – Any organization can explain what it does, but it’s only the rare organization that can clearly articulate why it’s doing what it is doing from the top leaders down through all levels of employees. Starting with an understanding of why is essential to developing an agile organization. This […]

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Essential Scrum

Essential Scrum by Kenneth Rubin – As a Scrum Trainer and Coach, I often find myself navigating between the theory and practice of Scrum. The theory of Scrum is easy to grasp yet implementing Scrum is quite challenging. Putting Scrum to work effectively in an organizational context requires years of practice, experience, and trial-and-error. In reading […]

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Agile Portfolio Planning with Kanban

This webinar covers a very important, but commonly rushed, initial phases of an Agile (or non-Agile) Project. Presented by Sally Elatta, Agile Expert for PMI’s Learning and Education Community of Practice, she walks through Idea Qualification and Project Initiation where we take the business idea through several activities to justify the project value, define clear measures for completion, determine alternative solutions and evaluate if the project is really worth proceeding with or not.

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Agile Culture vs. Behaviors

The following is a cross-posting from Eric Engleman’s Blog post on GeoVoices, the conversation at Geonetric, one of our clients who adopted agile as a process in 2007, and have continued their road toward organizational agility for the past 5 years. He describes the key difference between “doing” agile and “being” agile…

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Applying to Become a CSC

As many of you already know, I am the program lead for the Certified Scrum Coaching (CSC) Program with the Scrum Alliance. As the program lead, it is my responsibility to facilitate the review process, review teams, and review application. While a relatively new program founded in 2007, our numbers are growing each year with now almost 50 Certified Coaches. However, we believe our potential and need in the industry is 10x that number. This article provides some understanding of the CSC Program and guidance for those who wish to apply.

As one of the founders of the program, I am passionate about clients being successful with Scrum. It is my experience that success with Scrum requires education and coaching. Most difficulties in Scrum don’t arise from learning the Scrum framework, rather they arise in applying the framework on an existing organizational structure and culture. This requires hands-on experienced guidance, and not just at the team-level, but at the leadership and organizational-level.

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Scrum Coaching Retreat

I am excited to introduce a new opportunity to change the world of work! I am working with the Scrum Alliance and other Scrum Coaches to create a new approach in collaborating with coaching peers to solve complex organizational and coaching challenges – A Scrum Coaching Retreat. December 7-9, 2011 we are going to be piloting a new retreat approach using Scrum as our principle framework.

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