Scaling Agility for over 10 years

In the 1990’s, Rational Software claimed that agile didn’t scale and that a more prescriptive approach was required (a.k.a RUP). This philosophy still resonates today with the introduction of many of the agile scaling frameworks. There is a different way!

Since 2001, Pete Behrens has been scaling agility for clients in a pragmatic, pattern-based approach. Some of the most successful agile transformations have been led through this pattern-based approach including, GE Healthcare, McKinsey & Company, and more.


Pete Behrens

Founder & Leadership Agility Coach

Pete Behrens guides senior executives to transform themselves and their companies to greater effectiveness and agility.

Pete is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, providing awareness (CAL 1) and practice (CAL 2) for improved leadership competency and value delivery. He developed the CAL Program for the Scrum Alliance in 2016. Pete is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach providing one-on-one 360 assessment, development and guidance for increasing awareness and agility of organizational leaders. He became a Changewise 360 Leadership Agility Coach in 2009. Pete is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) engaging with organizations to improve team alignment and delivery. Pete developed the CEC Program for the Scrum Alliance in 2007 and became a CST in 2006.

Pete is on the Board of Directors for the Scrum Alliance, providing strategic consulting and guidance to transforming the world of work. He speaks at Agile Conferences, Scrum Gatherings and Agile Leadership Events, and Local Agile User Groups across the globe. His Board of Directors term is 2016-2018.

When Pete isn’t visiting clients across the globe, he is probably biking or golfing near Boulder, Colorado.

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Ross Hughes

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Ross Hughes is an industry-proven enterprise coach with over 25 years industry experience and guiding organizational Agile transformations for the last 6 years.

Ross began his Agile journey in 2005 at IDX where Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland first scaled Scrum.

At GE Healthcare, Ross continued scaling Agile by leading very large (25+ Scrum teams) development programs in life-critical applications.

As an Enterprise Agile Leader at, Dealertrack and Cox Automotive, Ross guided this fast growing company to establish a learn and adapt culture to enable its growth and acquisitions.

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Randy Hale

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Randy Hale is deeply experienced in Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation and Product Development Strategy.

He has been guiding agility since 2000 with agile initiatives for Nike, CenturyLink, Charter Communications and Petco.

He is an experienced leader in driving strategic organizational, cultural and process change in support of faster product time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, and accelerated revenue recognition.

Randy is a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICAgile), SAFe SPC4, Six Sigma Green Belt, and a candidate in the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) Program and the Leadership Agility 360 Coaching Program.

Jana Zimmerman

Outreach Catalyst

Jana Zimmerman has been a catalyst of change in outreach for over 30 years both locally in Colorado and across the globe.

Trail Ridge is proud of its dedication and passion to share our time, talents and resources with others.

Locally in Colorado, Trail Ridge supports Sister Carmen Community Center, CenterStage Theater Company, and Centaurus/Monarch Scholarship Program.

Our international outreach focuses in Haiti where we volunteer for Community Health Initiative - Haiti, who partners with rural communities to provide community development including clean water, eco-latrines, recycling center, health workers, and medical & surgical clinics.

As if that were not enough, Jana helps with a little bit of everything at Trail Ridge from accounting to event planning to partners.

Sohrab Salimi

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Sohrab Salimi is a Certified Scrum Trainer® based in Cologne, Germany guiding teams and organizations become more agile and successful. Sohrab is the only medical doctor who is also a Certified Scrum Trainer - focusing on the human aspect of Scrum and the organizational impacts.

Sohrab is connecting our Agile Leadership Network in Europe through Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) workshops and Agile Leadership Conferences.

Sohrab is the Chief Innovation Officer at Agilar working primarily as a Leader in the organization and a Product Owner for internet businesses – currently LinkedIn for the Iranian market. Prior to that he was a Consultant at Bain & Company developing strategies for corporations all over the world.

Aaron Kopel

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

Aaron Kopel is an experienced Agile coach and trainer focused on Agile transformation in large enterprises.

As a two-time tech startup founder, he provides a unique perspective to established organizations by challenging them to refocus on effectiveness, innovation, and customer value delivery through organizational agility. His training and coaching has guided companies such as Capital One, Bloomberg, Lincoln Financial, Salesforce (Marketing Cloud), and many more.

Aaron is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile 360. He is the Chairman of AgileIndy, and founder of Indy Leaders.

David Hawks

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

David Hawks brings his broad experience working with Fortune 50 companies and early stage startups to challenge organizations to think differently about how they build software.

He received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Certified Enterprise Coach and has served as the Education Chair on the Board of Agile Austin.

David’s strengths lie in his ability to be a great facilitator and inefficiency killer. His facilitation skills are what allow him to be a strong organizational coach as well as facilitate a great learning experience.

Philipp Engstler

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Philip Engstler is the founder of Peerup! GMBH and founding member of Flowdays Cooperative.

He is an Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer specializing in organizational development, culture development, management 3.0, Continuous Improvement & Innovation, Scrum & Kanban, portfolio management and agile transformations.

He is PO in his own start-up company, producing web based applications called 360 ° team feedback and Merit Money.

2014-2016 he worked as Head of Engineering at spreading an agile culture throughout the company drive performance.

Reza Farhang

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Reza Farhang is a Certified Scrum Trainer who works as consultant and partner at Crisp AB in Stockholm Sweden.

For the last 10 years Reza has taught Scrum to many hundreds of students, coached many teams and leaders in companies to be able to transform and becoming more agile. These companies include Ericsson, Tele2, King, Unibet, Avaza Bank, Looklet and more.

During his Carrier Reza has also worked as Chairman of the board, CEO, head of development for different companies. He has an also an MBA from Stockholm business school and prior to that MScEE from the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm.

Madhur Kathuria

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

Madhur Kathuria is an Agile coach by profession, a nomad by choice, and a networker through passion, he looks forward to life as a vault full of opportunities and I strongly believe every person has the right key to unlock this potential.

As business unit head for Agile Consulting business units with his current and past employers, this philosophy has helped him grow these teams into successful, self-contained , sustainable entities.

Scott Dunn

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Scott Dunn, CST, PMP of RocketNine Solutions, is focused on serving the market in Southern California, providing training and coaching in Scrum for teams in the entertainment, interactive, new media, finance and healthcare industries in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and the rest of the “SoCal” region.

Scott has coached agile adoptions for large, distributed teams as well as start-ups. His specialty is strengths-based teams, individual growth, the new role of agile managers and agile product management, leveraging real world experience in positions of product management, marketing, management and architecture.

Rob Kalman

Owner, Michigan Technology Servides

Rob Kalman provides advanced IT and Agile training and consulting. They provide instructor led technical and business courses at their location in Farmington Hills and also onsite at client locations throughout Michigan.

He also offers instructor led, live online training for people that want to join us for training, but prefer to learn from their own office or home.

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