Why Trail Ridge?

  1. We are pragmatic practitioners with proven results that stick.
  2. We partner with you to catalyze your agile leadership competency.
  3. We are honest and won’t shy away from necessary difficult discussions.
  4. We use agile to be agile. We tailor iterative approaches to meet your goals.
  5. We focus on culture and holistic effectiveness over silo’d efficiency.
  6. We are certified and offer high quality education and coaching.



We value collaboration and believe results are magnified from working together...

Growth Mindset

We value open mindedness and believe we are never done discovering and learning...


We value long-term effectiveness and believe it stems from intentional focus & adaptation ...


We value honesty and believe the best relationships are built on trust...

Giving Back

We value all people and believe that we are all responsible for the world we live and work in...

Pete Behrens

Founder & Leadership Agility Coach

Pete Behrens guides senior executives to transform themselves and their companies to greater effectiveness and agility.

Pete is a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, providing awareness (CAL 1) and practice (CAL 2) for improved leadership competency and value delivery. He developed the CAL Program for the Scrum Alliance in 2016. Pete is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach providing one-on-one 360 assessment, development and guidance for increasing awareness and agility of organizational leaders.

From 2016-2018 Pete was on the Board of Directors for the Scrum Alliance, providing strategic consulting and guidance to transforming the world of work.

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Ross Hughes

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Ross Hughes is an industry-proven enterprise coach with over 25 years industry experience and guiding organizational Agile transformations for the last 6 years.

Ross began his Agile journey in 2005 at IDX where Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland first scaled Scrum.

At GE Healthcare, Ross continued scaling Agile by leading very large (25+ Scrum teams) development programs in life-critical applications.

As an Enterprise Agile Leader at Dealer.com, Dealertrack and Cox Automotive, Ross guided this fast growing company to establish a learn and adapt culture to enable its growth and acquisitions.

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Rachel Weston Rowell

Certified Scrum Trainer & Leadership Team Coach

Rachel Weston Rowell is an engaging leader who champions the development and growth of leaders and organizations by shining a light on opportunities in ways that motivate and inspire. Her passion lies in helping leadership teams transform so their organizations can not only survive but so that they can shine in their market.

She coaches executives and leaders on developing their organizational capabilities so they can learn, respond, and change. She is also an expert facilitator and loves creating spaces where people can work together and drive to action. She believes that meetings do not have to suck.

Rachel is also a Certified Scrum Trainer providing Certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner Education and Guidance.

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Randy Hale

Enterprise Agile Coach & Trainer

Randy Hale is deeply experienced in Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation and Product Development Strategy.

He has been guiding agility since 2000 with agile initiatives for Nike, CenturyLink, Charter Communications, Petco and Rockwell Automation.

He is an experienced leader in driving strategic organizational, cultural and process change in support of faster product time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, and accelerated revenue recognition.

Randy is a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICAgile), SAFe SPC4, Six Sigma Green Belt, and a candidate in the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) Program and the Leadership Agility 360 Coaching Program.

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Jana Zimmerman

Outreach Catalyst

Jana Zimmerman has been a catalyst of change in outreach for over 30 years both locally in Colorado and across the globe.

Trail Ridge is proud of its dedication and passion to share our time, talents and resources with others.

Locally in Colorado, Trail Ridge supports Sister Carmen Community Center, CenterStage Theater Company, and Centaurus/Monarch Scholarship Program.

Our international outreach focuses in Haiti where we volunteer for Community Health Initiative - Haiti, who partners with rural communities to provide community development including clean water, eco-latrines, recycling center, health workers, and medical & surgical clinics.

As if that were not enough, Jana helps with a little bit of everything at Trail Ridge from accounting to event planning to partners.

Deepak Sharma

Enterprise Agile Coach

Deepak Sharma is an International Lean Agile & Product Discovery coach based in New Dehli, India.

As an Agile evangelist, technology catalyst & change agent for over 18+ years with Fortune 500 clients across America, Europe and Asia, Deepak guides agile culture and agile ways of working.

He is passionate about solving challenges associated with agile in larger, more complex enterprises.

He guides through pragmatic, incremental, and safe steps towards agile & development operations (DevOps) mindset & practices.

His focus is for building high performing teams that leverage lean, agile, and DevOps capabilities to deliver customer value that makes a difference to your business.

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Cherie Silas

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) & ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Cherie Silas is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and trainer of professional coaches. She has a strong desire to help people arrive at the place they define as success in both personal and professional life.

Her goal is to invest the experience and talents she has gathered through years of learning, often times the hard way, into people whom she hopes will become greater than she can ever dream to be.

She has a deep background in organizational management and has worked as a consultant with both large and small enterprises leading agile transformation.

Some of her previous clients include American Airlines, Intuit, and Cox Automotive where she the agile coaching discipline and developed agile coaches from within the organization.

She serves as a member of the CTC (Certified Team Coach) certification review team. She also conducts public mentoring groups and trains professional coaching competencies.

Cherie's life mission that drives every interaction with every individual she encounters is simply this: To leave you better than I found you with each encounter.

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Gene Gendel

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) & LeSS Friendly Trainer

Gene Gendel is organizational design consultant, system modeler, agile coach and trainer. He proudly carries the credential of Certified Enterprise & Team Coach (CEC-CTC), something that makes him a part of a very unique worldwide community of about 94 coaches).

Gene's primary focus is on helping organizations and teams with adopting agile culture, improving tools, techniques and processes in development. Gene's coaching style combines training, mentoring and leading by example.

Gene is an active member of NYC agile community where he is known as a big proponent of community-wide, cost effective agile education. He attempts delivering such education "to crowds" via his personal presentations, organizing open-space agile collaboration workshops, group meetings and other community activities. Gene strongly emphasizes the importance of "ethics of agile coaching".

Gene also contributes a good portion of his time to strengthening Scrum Alliance and improving its certification programs.

John Miller

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) & Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

John Miller inspires future-makers in creating a culture of vibrant empowerment in their organizations. As a foster kid, John was motivated to learn how some empowered themselves to become victors over their circumstances and others became victims of them. As the Chief Empowerment Officer of Agile Classrooms, he is pioneering Agile in schools to empower teachers and students to thrive in 21st-century learning, life, and work.

John helps organizations in their Agile transformations through coaching and training. His work and ideas are not only reinvigorating education but he is also revitalizing ways to engage in Agile transformations through his Agile Resonance Coaching method.

He has helped a spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to at-risk schools, in pivoting their culture to achieve in a fast-changing, competitive world. He holds a Certified Scrum Coach® certification and is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach, Associate Certified Coach, and a Project Management Professional.

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Rob Kalman

Trail Ridge Partner, Detroit Region

Rob Kalman provides advanced IT and Agile training and consulting. They provide instructor led technical and business courses at their location in Farmington Hills and also onsite at client locations throughout Michigan.

He also offers instructor led, live online training for people that want to join us for training, but prefer to learn from their own office or home.

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