Introducing the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Workshop!

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The rise in complexity, uncertainty and rapid change have triggered a change in the landscape of work. Leaders expecting to leverage their past patterns of success will fall short both in terms of fully capitalizing on their people and in terms of underperforming in the marketplace.

Agile Scaling Models are everywhere, but none of them adequately address the crucial role of the leader in terms of personally accepting responsibility for agile leadership and values, and guiding the organizational change to appropriately engage and empower people and teams for that change to stick and the organization to grow.

Leadership Agility is the the ability to recognize your leadership patterns and biases, step out of your routing ways of thinking and responding, role model agile values and grow others and the organization.  It starts with the Leader!

Who is this Agile Leadership Journey for?

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Agile Leadership Journey

Agile Leadership is an ongoing development maturity model for leaders to continually discover and grow their own leadership effectiveness in uncertain, complex and rapidly changing environments.

  • Expert Leaders

    Expert leaders use their technical and functional expertise to make tactical organizational improvements, supervise teams, identify and solve key problems, and sell their solutions to others.

  • Achiever Leaders

    Achiever Leaders use their managerial skills to set clear organizational objectives, lead strategic change, motivate and orchestrate team performance, and engage in challenging cross-boundary conversations.

  • Catalyst Leaders

    Catalyst Leaders develop high participation teams, collaborate with others to develop creative solutions, and lead transformative change to tough organizational issues.

“Our culture could also be described as ‘Do as I Say, Not as a I Do’. There is an overwhelming sense of distrust that stems from the top. It feels as though employees cannot be empowered to handle themselves and meet their commitments.”

– Cultural survey response prior to our engagement

Descriptions like this are unfortunately not as uncommon as they should be. Agility means more than just going faster, it means empowering talented teams to solve complex problems and deliver value to your customers. How are you doing at that?

Why YOU should not miss this opportunity!


 Agile Leadership Compass

The Agile Leadership Compass provides direction and orientation for leaders to first become self-aware of their own agile thinking and behaviors, and second how to positively impact organizational agility.

With leadership intention like this, hopefully we will see fewer descriptions as the one above.