Scaling Agile requires Agile Leadership

Organizational Agility is a journey, not a destination. Agile = Change. Change is ever present. Our approach, in partnering with your leadership, is to provide a trail map and guidance for your leaders to both navigate that journey and grow their own competency to do the same.

All Scaled Agile Frameworks including SAFe, LeSS and Nexus are based on a common set of patterns we have been leveraging for client success for over 15 years. However, when the patterns are hard-coded and applied without your organization’s value context, they have limited success.

Let our guides assess, recommend and guide your pattern selection to help align the patterns that will stick.

Scaling Agility is more than Agile Portfolio & Program Management

Agile Scaling Frameworks provide visual guidance for aligning teams and synchronizing Sprint cycles. And while these are very useful patterns for scaling agility, they just touch the surface of what is needed within the organization to be effective at scale. Some key areas that require deeper development include alignment, integration and innovation…

  • Alignment

    Scaling Patterns and Frameworks are built from a set of values which may or may not align to your organizational values. Our guides assess your organizational culture to align agile patterns that engage your workforce and optimize your delivery.

  • Integration

    Integrating the balance of planning / doing, business / technology, speed / quality, creativity / predictability, and specialty / flexibility drive productivity. Our guides help identify and integrate your organizational specialties to optimize your outcomes.

  • Innovation

    Value is generated at the intersection of new ideas and execution. The ability to identify, target and pivot the organization is essential. Our guides assist help your teams to turn creativity into value through iterative and integrated innovation cycles.

McKinsey & Company reduced tier 3 support costs from $12M per year to under $3M through a radical integration across support and development – called Support 2.0.

This effort integrated, aligned and empowered teams of senior architects with app support to root out and address EVERY reported issue in an intense cross-the-globe hyper-transparent initiative.


Agile Leadership Compass

The Agile Leadership Compass provides leaders direction and orientation in scaling agile values to deliver customer value.