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Our approach to agility starts with a holistic understanding of the current state of your organization – its processes, structures and culture.

We work with your leadership team in developing an organizational backlog to align, focus and trek your agility journey.



Holistic Agilityorg360

Each organization is unique in its cultural values and ignoring them will likely result in a challenged agile initiative.

Our approach focuses INSIDE-OUT. That means we seek to understand the values of your organization – what makes you tick – to guide the structure and approach to agility.

This inside-out approach has been proven to increase agility and effectiveness across the spectrum from traditional control-oriented organizations to newer dynamic creative-oriented organizations.

“We have become a machine. Senior Management has created an environment of fear rather than trust. We give lip service to innovation and employee satisfaction. Spirit has been drained from most of the teams.”

– Culture survey response prior to engagement

Sustained Agility


Most agile initiatives do not sustain over time. Our approach roots agility in leadership and organizational values. We provide guidance to support agility structurally across the organization for a sustaining and growing agility.

Many of our clients have successfully sustained and grown agility corporate wide – positively impacting marketing, sales, operations and other business functions.

Measured Agilitymesured-agility

Agility is a means to and end – your business bottom line!

Our approach is not a feel-good approach, it is a business value measured approach. Based on your goals, we guide leaders to effectively target, measure and positively impact clear business metrics as a result of agility.

Since 2006, when became an Agile organization, their stock price has grown 1,200%.

Scaled Agility

scaled-agilityOur approach goes beyond a single framework for scaling agility – we work holistically with your leadership team to integrate agility across your business.

We foster high-performing cross-functional teams, aligned toward customer value, integrated with business objectives, and delivered to customer satisfaction.

GE Healthcare has been running Agile programs with over 25 teams for almost a decade!

McKinsey & Company has transformed their Agile IT cost center into an Agile Service profit center.

Valued Agility

The culture of an organization is akin to the personality of an individual. Like personalities, each organization’s culture is unique and drives different paths to success. And while there are not better or worse cultures, some cultures align more effectively to agile than others.

  • Control Cultures

    Controlling Cultures emphasize risk reduction and predictability. They are typically more hierarchical and structured with strong role definitions and governance regulations. These cultures embrace incremental change. Agility in control cultures can increase collaboration, speed up innovation and incremental change.

  • Compete Cultures

    Compete Cultures emphasize speed and expertise. They compete both externally in the market and internally across roles and teams. These cultures embrace fast change. Agility in compete cultures can align objectives, increase team-based excellence and improve delivery execution.

  • Create Cultures

    Create Cultures emphasize innovation and creativity. They are typically more loosely structured with few rules and policies. These cultures embrace transformative change . Agility in create cultures can bring about execution discipline, improved predictability and increased realization of new ideas.