A (Draft) Manifesto for Agile Leaders

I have been leading a number of agile meetups recently speaking about the topic of agile leadership. Through this journey a message has been starting to develop on 3 main points: 1) Why are we talking about Agile? 2) Why Agile often fails? and 3) A new leadership perspective to eypinable more impactful Agility.

Through this journey, the points I have been expressing have been forming into a type of manifesto – e.g. while most leaders focus on the items on the right, agile leaders have come to value those items on the left. While I am not quite comfortable with this being a manifesto for agile leaders, I am open to collaborating and co-creating such a artifact. These six statements have been key to my personal growth as a leader and coach, as well as they have helped many leaders I have been engaged with over the years.

If you are interested, feel free to share your manifesto statements in the comments below, or email them to me if you wish not to expose your proposed statements. I will collect this list, along with those to share them, to create a team to refine this message.

For those that are interested, the three flip charts I create in my talk are shared below in a digital form.





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