Leading through Complexity…

Over the past 100 years we have successfully engineered complicated outcomes – we put men on the moon, we successfully execute brain surgery, we construct 100+ story buildings, and we can travel across the globe without losing our bags (most of the time).

Yet we are now in a world where complex outcomes are now more important. Spotify can engineer a complicated cloud-based music service delivered to millions of subscribers (that is the complicated outcome). But the leaders of Spotify are tasked with more than delivering a product, they are tasked with creating a pleasurable subscriber experience – that is a complex outcome.

According to Irene Ng, Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at the University of Warwick, two key factors that drive complex outcomes: you cannot “mission-control” the outcome, it emerges from the system. Customer satisfaction is an emergent outcome that can not be controlled – it is complex.

Agile Leadership

Leaders today must seek to achieve complex outcomes. These outcomes are achieved through co-creation, collaboration, and iterations that emerge from the system Рthe definition of Agility!

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Workshops explore complicated and complex domains, and provide leaders the awareness and skills to effectively navigate complexity to help co-create emergent outcomes which drive business success.

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