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Our approach starts with the heart of agility – empowered teams.

We engage leadership to align agile programs to enhance your delivery engine.

Our developmentĀ programs seek to engageĀ the entire organization, not just your process leaders.

Our engagementsĀ build your internal agile competency and enables your sustained growth and agility.




Salesforce.com is probably one of the most documented and successful agile transformations to date. Dating back to 2006, Salesforce was challenged to keep up with their growth and the growth of their clients. Growing from 20 to over 250 in just a few years, their startup approach broke down. Taking stock of how other successful companies like Apple, Amazon, EBay and Google were making it work, they chose to move forward with Scrum.

Our engagement followed that decision as we guided much of their early adoption from 2006 through 2009. However, it wasn’t simply Scrum drove their success – in fact, you won’t find any “Scrum” terminology in their company. At Salesforce.com it is ADM – Adaptive Development Methodology. And a few keys to their success were not process focused – they were structural and cultural.


To think Google is “already agile” is both right and wrong. Google does operate iteratively at the speed of change. They have a key quarterly OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to create focus and pivot frequently adapt their direction and execution.

Our engagement has been focused on the organization that runs Google – CorpEng. The strong individualistic culture at Google, while healthy for engineering quality, limits business alignment and success. A strong team-based focus with improved team & product leadership have been key to their growth.

geGeneral Electric

General Electric is the only company remaining on the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the original 12 companies. How do they do it? They continue to inspect and adapt. They are not afraid to experiment, learn, fail, change and grow.

Through Agile services bubbling up across many GE divisions, including many Trail Ridge has been involved in, GE Fastworks now is at the heart of all programs – a Lean Startup approach to identifying and testing assumptions and pivoting through learning.

  • GE Healthcare

    Since 2008, GE Healthcare has pioneered safety-oriented agility across their global product line. Trail Ridge provided scaling guidance in developing agile leadership competency and large-scale distributed Agile programs of 25+ cross-dependent teams. Today, GE Healthcare leverages a half-dozen internal agile coaches and incorporates customized Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) release trains.

  • GE Research

    Since 2010, GE Research Software and Systems Patterns Laboratory has led the way in software and team-based research. By experimenting on their own organization they are leveraging paired leadership, self-based staffing models, and flash swarm research techniques. Today, this research lab has improved employee engagement resulting in no turnover and a growth in funding surpassing their capacity.

  • GE Oil & Gas

    Since 2014, GE Oil & Gas has been experimenting with Agile approaches in one of the most legacy-oriented industries. Typical industry projects run years behind schedule and significantly over budget. @GE Agile approaches are exploring hardware/software boundaries. Today, this organization continues to explore Agile approaches in their search for improved results and faster response times.



Geonetric works with hospitals and health systems to develop and implement innovative Web strategies to engage their online customers. Geonetric’s award-winning content management system, VitalSite, manages multiple Web sites, intranets, and extranets under a single platform and delivers customized content and functionality to site visitors.

Geonetric uses a powerful client engagement model at the heart of their agile culture to drive client success and their growth. Eric Engleman, CEO of Geonetric writes about Adopting Agile Processes. Sandra VanWyk, VP of Operations at Geonetric writes about their Agile Project Management Approach and more…


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a government agency which provides data, analysis and prediction from earth to space. Our agility services enabled their National Geographic Data Center and Space Weather Prediction Center to transform traditionally silo’d scientific endeavors to high-performing teams combining scientific research with engineering development to enable new solutions for the research community across the globe.