Agile and Beyond is a grassroots, volunteer run conference. It helps people learn about agile principles and practices as well as covers topics that help make people and companies awesome. With approximately 100 sessions spread across two days, there is a wide variety of topics for the agile newbie all the way through to the agile expert.

Agile and Beyond 2017, is set for May 4-5, 2017 in Ypsilanti, MI!

Pete is sharing his talk on Developing Agile Leaders.

Agile Leadership is ambiguously perceived as guiding an organization toward an agile approach. However, in doing so, most of these so called agile leaders are inadvertently working against their agile intentions through traditional thinking and behaviors. Leadership Agility, on the other hand, is a characteristic of the leader individually. Leadership Agility represents the agile mindset and actions of a leader in how they interact with others and lead the organization in an agile way. Join us to elicit your own “AHA” as we explore leadership stories grounded in a agile leadership development framework. Discover how unaware leaders, while well-intentioned, work against their own efforts. We will reorient leaders from an external focus on organizations and delivery and toward the leader’s own internal thinking and behaviors.