The most important role in Scrum

The Product Owner is arguably the most important role in Scrum as they turn efficient teams into effective teams by aligning direction to customer need. Focused on leadership skills required to effectively guide agile products and applications, this workshop immerses participants in the iterative mindset necessary for aligning value to the diverse needs of stakeholders.   CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE YOUR PRIVATE CSPO WORKSHOP TODAY >

Balancing Stakeholder Needscspo-portfolio

A Product Owner is a single voice for many diverse stakeholders with often have varying needs. Balancing these needs, managing stakeholder expectations, and focusing on the right mix is critical in maximizing team investment. Building the wrong features is one of the greatest wastes in product development – an effective Product Owner leverages minimum viability to learn and align business needs, technical infrastructure, and uncertainty risk. This workshop provides participants with identification, visualization and engagement techniques to drive the most value for your customers.

Mapping the Product Backlogcspo-storymap

A Product Owner is the navigator for the Scrum team and the Product Backlog is the primary map to align stakeholders and the team. A Product Owner establishes the goals, visualizes known backlog items and unknown research spikes, and maps them to share understanding and reduce risk. Participants learn how to write effective User Stories with acceptance criteria to further draw out understanding and drill down into smaller iterative learning and value delivery cycles. This workshop provides the tools to articulate and visualize the Product Backlog for the known and unknown.

“We had a very diverse group of team members in the workshop and Pete connected with all of them. They loved it.”

– Ross Hughes,


Engaging the Scrum Teamcspo-engage

A Product Owner focuses on both the vision (strategic) and the progress towards that vision (tactical). To align stakeholders needs, the Product Owner operates closely with the Scrum Team – engaging them in quarterly planning and working with them throughout the sprint. The tension between the strategic and tactical drivers throughout the product development lifecycle are difficult and require increased awareness, tools and techniques – all of which are at the heart of this workshop.

Iterative Learning and Deliverycspo-burnup

A Product Owner is ultimately responsible for delivering valuable solutions to their user constituents. Scrum leverages early and frequent feedback through each sprint and frequent delivery to iteratively align the needs and solutions. A Product Owner aligns stakeholders on a common vision, identifies and prioritizes value, and iterates with the Scrum Team through the Sprint cycle to deliver value incrementally. This workshop will provide techniques for evaluating and delivering incremental value for the business.  

“This class helped me see the incredible complexity and challenge of the Product Owner role, as well as the techniques and communication required to be effective in it.”

– Vincent Eppner, GE Healthcare

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