Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster

Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster is the gold standard in agile training today. Focused on leadership skills and competencies required to effectively guide agile teams, this workshop teaches facilitation and leadership, coaching and mentoring, organizational change, and more. Participants gain a deep understanding of WHY Scrum works and HOW to effectively apply it within their organization.   CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE YOUR PRIVATE CSM WORKSHOP TODAY >

Mastering Scrum

csm-masterA ScrumMaster is first a master in Scrum. A ScrumMaster is a sensei – teacher and student – on a journey of learning and growth. Understanding the lean and Agile principles behind Scrum provide the ScrumMaster the tools for adapting Scrum practices within their organization. ScrumMasters guide teams in learning through doing. This workshop provides participants with the key understanding behind Scrum and how to catalyze that knowledge in the organization.

“As a co-trainer of many CSM classes, by far this is the most advanced, knowledgable and effective that I have witnessed.”

– Ram Srinivasan, Certified Scrum Trainer

Facilitating Teams

csm-facilitationScrumMasters facilitate team adoption, learning, and implementation of Scrum. Effective ScrumMasters facilitate effective and efficient meetings; engage multiple roles and stakeholders in critical discussion to build consensus; and leverage conflict resolution strategies in resolving differences and organizational impediments. This workshop guides participants through facilitation techniques to get the most out of every team engagement.

“Visually walking through the Master, Facilitator and Coaching models have awakened me to a deeper appreciation for the role of ScrumMaster.”

– David Kosakowski, Trimble

Coaching Growth

csm-coaching2The ScrumMaster is a coach for a team, often operating from a growth perspective and challenging the team to evaluate and improve their approach to delivering value. Effective Scrum teams focus on improving both the value they deliver and the means by which they deliver it. This workshop helps participants identify, evaluate and inspire self-organizing behaviors to improve team capability.

“Pete is a master trainer. The content was dead on and his delivery totally impressed our most experienced trainers.”

– Ross Hughes,

Fostering Agility

csm-organizationA team operates in the culture and structures of a broader system – understanding and unblocking bottlenecks are key to team agility. This workshop provides the participant with the tools and techniques to integrate distributed teams, align teams to value, and educate leaders on the values and behaviors to foster highly productive and motivated teams.  

Combine with Scrum Team & Product Owner Workshops…

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