Agile Leadership Training

While Teams implement Scrum, leaders enable organizational agility. This workshop is focused on the leader’s ability to foster agility in their own behaviors and across their organization. The Foundation for leadership self-awareness to enable engaged, empowered and high-performing agile organizations. Focused on the leader’s own mindset and behaviors and guiding organizational agility. See a List of Upcoming Public Workshops

Agile Leaders…

  • Communicate a clear vision, align employees to that vision, and allow for adaptation in execution toward that vision – recognizing that most discovery and learning occur during execution.
  • Improve decision making, team collaboration and business outcomes when operating in highly complex, uncertain, inter-dependent and rapidly changing environments.
  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement and creativity through catalyst behaviors – reducing employee turnover and developing employee ownership, collaboration and productivity.
  • Diversify risk through identifying and testing assumptions, experimenting with new approaches, collaborating with customers, and seeking feedback earlier and more frequently.
  • Foster organizational adaptivity enabling them to more effectively break down traditional silos, collaborate to solve difficult problems and better align toward corporate goals and customer needs.
  • Improve outcomes through balancing short-term business results with long-term organizational health to enable early and frequent value delivery combined with sustained growth.
  • Catalyze change, experiment with new ideas, and a foster a growth-mindset within their organizations to adapt to the changing economy, technology and the market.

Workshop Focus

Certified Agile Leadership is an interactive leadership-focused workshop building skills and competencies to effectively guide and grow agile leaders, coaches and their organizations. This workshop is focused in three areas:

  • Personal Agile Leadership

    Focused on the agile leader’s mindset and behaviors – how they think and what they do. Organizations reflect leadership. If an leader is seeking to change the organization, they first must look in the mirror and see how their behaviors may be impacting the organizational culture.

  • Fostering a Culture of Agility

    Focused on the leader’s capacity to develop an agile culture and enable agile teams. In highly complex and rapidly changing environments, leaders must depend on, empower, align and engage teams toward customers – delivering value and seeking feedback.

  • Leading Change in an Agile Way

    Focused on the leader’s ability to effectively guide change in an engaged and healthy way. Agile = Change. Change is hard. One of the top barriers to agility is the unwillingness of individuals to change. Leader’s must create a hunger for change and engage employees in it.

The workshop is rooted through decades of research in neuroscience and human development, embedded in established leadership and organizational frameworks, and validated through years of practice across dozens of organizations. This workshop demonstrates effective application of theory and provides concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their organizations.

“I have been blessed to have traveled the world many times and be exposed to many programs. Pete’s dedication and life commitment to growing agile into the ‘minds and bodies’ was evident at every step. His delivery frankly ranks in the top 5 performances I have ever observed any where in the world.”

– Dave Silberman, Blackberry

Workshop Agenda Overview

Day 1:  Self-Leadership Agility

Explore the historical context of human development and leadership as well as the current economics driving the need for agility. Introduce the Leadership Agility Maturity Model to increase self-awareness and discover more agile thinking, decisions and behaviors. Discover the mindset and behaviors of expert, achiever and catalyst leaders and how those impact organizational effectiveness. Practice a 5-step catalyst approach to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life.

Day 2:  Guiding and Growing Organizational Agility

Re-focus the leader towards the organization and its effectiveness of delivery customer value. Explore organizational culture, structures and processes to foster value delivery and agility. Understand a leaders’ focus and influence on the health and culture of an organization and its impact on their long-term performance. Evaluate case studies of real organizations of different organizational cultures applying agile structures and patterns to drive effective and sustaining change with positive results. Reflect and share leader’s organizational cultures and structures in comparison to these case studies. Practice a 5-step organizational change model to guide healthy, engaged and sustained change needed in our organizations.

“Not only was it the best execution of a class but the content was so engaging it felt like we were just getting started when it was time to go home for the day.”

– Paul Duncan, Simplivity

Who should attend?

Agile leadership is required across a diversity of business contexts including new product design and development, service development and delivery, business development, IT operations and security, team-oriented service and support, multi-faceted marketing and communications, and more. Agile leadership is needed at all levels within the organization from the executive suite to the front-line managers. Whether leading projects, programs, initiatives, people, teams, departments, divisions or businesses, agile leadership can improve the leader’s ability and more effectively draw upon every employee.

Why this workshop?

While there has been tremendous growth in scaling frameworks, there continues to be a need for strong agile leaders with an ability to catalyze organizational maturity and drive healthy organizational change. Scaling frameworks are excellent for particular organizational cultures – this workshop goes behind the frameworks and explores core leadership competencies and organizational patterns that can assist with the implementation of an existing framework, or creation of your own framework, for agile maturity and growth.

“When people have the decision-making power and the resources to work toward a meaningful purpose, they don’t need pep talks or stretch targets.”

– Fredrick Laloux (Reinventing Organizations)


Extending the Workshop…

Extending the two-day workshop are options to further develop your own personal leadership agility and guide your organization’s agility through assessment and coaching.

  • The Leadership Agility 360 Assessment and Coaching provides a simple framework to evaluate your current leadership maturity, identify your key gaps, create a development plan and have the opportunity for a 6-month one-on-one coaching program to further develop your self-awareness and self-leadership agility.
  • The Organizational Agility 360 Assessment and Coaching provides a simple engagement to expose your organization’s culture, structures and processes that align to, and/or inhibit, your organizational agility. This one-time engagement includes pre-assessment data gathering, on-site interviews and observations, and post-assessment report and follow-up. It is an excellent opportunity for newly agile and already agile organizations to navigate their journey toward improved delivery and agility.