Our WHOLE-TEAM education improves learning and results. Teams that learn together stick together!

This workshop is multi-team EDUCATION + COACHING providing a context-rich experience in learning and applying Scrum. This workshop guides 1-10 teams through experiencing Scrum together with their “real-world” project data.

Teams come away from the workshop running Scrum – with a team charter, quarterly-focused backlog and initial sprint plan.

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Organizational Learning

Teams are at the heart of Scrum. Scrum works because Teams solve problems better than individuals. But effective teams are hard to foster.

This team-based workshop provides a context rich experience in learning and applying Scrum for the whole organization and guides teams through experiencing Scrum together as a team with their “real-world” project data.


“Pete engaged our whole organization (100 people) in a single workshop. It was incredibly powerful – the energy it generated stayed with us for an entire year.”

– David Carlisle, Cambridge Investment Research

Workshop Focus…

scrum-team-topicsOrganizations that educate and engage entire teams achieve strong and more sustained adoption as leaders can focus less on teaching and more on executing. Empoweredself-organizing, committed and disciplined teams require education from experienced practitioners. Topics include…

  • Understand WHY Scrum works and how it evolved
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Teams
  • Quarterly cycle to improve focus and delivery results
  • Pragmatic efficient and effective Sprint meetings

“The Scrum Team Workshop experience with the whole team kick started our team from the outset.”

– Sandra Keener, Starwood Hotels

Customized Delivery

scrumteamworkshop2This two-day immersive hands-on workshop is designed for organizations of cross-functional teams and customized to work with your project data. It includes education + application to not only provide awareness and understanding of Scrum, but practical usage in your organizational and product context.

Each team formulates their team roles and working agreements, creates an initial backlog for their upcoming quarterly goals, and defines their first sprint plan. From 1 to 10 teams can combine in a single shared session. Teams emerge from this hands-on workshop with both the skills and artifacts to start, or re-start, their Scrum Journey.

Combine with Certified ScrumMaster & Product Owner Workshops…

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